Beds are very important when it comes to sleeping. A soft, comfortable bed is all we need for a sound and relaxing snooze. But for some people (especially those who are very private), a fluffy mattress is not enough. They need something to keep their privacy, such as walls or curtains. Wonder how these beds look? Well then, you've come to the right place! This online portal is your one-stop site to everything that is all about enclosed beds!

Box beds, as they are commonly called, are already around during the 19th century. In fact, these beds are usual rural house staples in different places, especially Brittany and Netherlands. Box beds look like mattresses enclosed in cupboard-like furniture and are usually half-open. Entrance to enclosed beds is through the use of sliding doors, hinge doors or curtains.

Enclosed beds are perfect for people who would like to try sleeping the old-fashioned way, or for those who don't want to be seen sleeping at all. Curious as well? Get an enclosed bed now and try it for yourself!